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West Brookwood Church

West Brookwood Church was constructed circa 1895.  This church is the only remaining evidence of the original Brookwood mining village.  The cemetery at the rear of the  church contains graves dating from the earliest years of the community.

Originally established by the Standard Coal Company, Brookwood was located on a rich coal seam of the same name.  Much of the coal mined was processed in coke in bee-hive ovens located near the church to fuel the blast furnaces of Birmingham.

Nicknamed the "Modest City," Brookwood boasted more than 250 houses, a hospital, hotel, lodge, park, lecture hall and many privately owned stores.  The Brookwood Herald newspaper office served as a library with over 800 volumes.  Fraternal orders flourished such as the Masons, Odd Fellows, Red Men, Knights of Pythias and Eastern Star.  Standard Coal officials recognized the United Mine Workers of America in 1900.

West Brookwood Church
Pastor Vic Hutchins
Post Office Box 88
12882 Lock 17 Road
Brookwood, Alabama 35444